The Midlife Moment of Truth

The clock marks the flow of time,

A circle of segmented reminders

Seconds become minutes, minutes merge into hours

Every day the sun rises, and usual routines fill up our calendars

Each innocuous day adds up to months, years into decades,

Instance by instance, layer after layer,

Time moves ever so smoothly, a continuous river

Never stopping, never pausing

The lull of seamless sequencing

An unsuspecting mind holds on to an image

And yet a sudden revelation of age

The grey strands that show up one morning from nowhere

A slight paunch that refuses to go anywhere

Eyes that miss the fine print,  one fine day

That sudden onset of decay

Age, a discontinuous awareness.

A grudging acceptance

The pushing game of peaks and plateaus

An invitation to mature,

To shake off the illusion of repair

To  see through the myth of reversal

To embrace the illusion of renewal.

The youngest cell in my body is but a few seconds old

The oldest may be seven years, I am told

Did any carry over intact from the womb?

Every second a cell dies, a thought dies and an idea is put to a tomb;

A new cell is born, new thoughts bombard and ideas survive

Age, an ambiguous, a non parametric premise

With infinite possibilities and a singular promise

Continuity of each moment alive

Cell by cell, breath by breath,

Continuity of a discontinuous life.







109 responses to “The Midlife Moment of Truth

  1. Harsh

    Reality may stare at us
    But hope never dies
    Quest never ends
    To have immortality with healthy end
    DNA conspires to beat time
    To do acts and have thoughts
    Which transcend time
    If not
    To make more copies
    Of self

  2. thanks Harsh. that was a lovely comment and rejoinder. Dawkins khush hua:-)

  3. Gorgeous Sudha. I found myself nodding with every line !

  4. Amit Shahi

    “infinitely better half” … moment of truth for the husband 🙂 … congratulations, sudha

  5. Aging looks quite different while suffering through a cold or some form of the flu for my 57th birthday! Nothing like a little discomfort to color the future, and slide the moment of midlife a tick or two . . .

  6. This is so beautiful. Thank you.

  7. Lovely and very easy to identify with emotions!

  8. Congratulations making freshly pressed!

  9. Very articulate and well designed post.

  10. Reblogged this on paoolavilaa and commented:
    The truth of..

  11. “Time is an ocean, but it ends at the shore…” : )

  12. Truth & Trust this article………so good……….!

  13. it’s lovely. So Classic that it sounds like something i’ve read before.

  14. sr41297


  15. Pushkar Anand

    “the clock marks the flow of time”….related myself with the these lines.

    • thank you for reading and commenting. Glad that you relate to the idea.

      • Pushkar Anand

        I’m a amateur on blog,I tried my hand on cynical nature of mankind.Kindly give me inputs on “behind the mask”. article.I am open for all criticism.

      • thanks for asking. Am not a political commentor so cannot comment on the content itself. But you do have a very reflective analytical style. Look forward to reading more before commenting further

  16. Freshly pressed! Congratulations! I may have not known what you know at this point, but in time I sure will.

  17. Reblogged this on Veritas Manent and commented:
    Time is of great essence especially to reorientate our life’s direction.

  18. Different stages that is for sure. I am sixty eight and I remember wanting to retire like it was yesterday. But instead I went to part time to avoid the depths of ennui.

    • thanks for reading and commenting. are you still working part time? am sure there are many beautiful and interesting pursuits to indulge in when one does not have the burden of working for a living.

  19. One life to live… all that really matters is how we live this life… second… minute… hour… even lifetime.
    Truth alone will endure, all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time. I must continue to bear testimony to truth even if I am forsaken by all. Mine may today be a voice in the wilderness, but it will be heard when all other voices aresilenced, if it is the voice of Truth… mahatma ghandi

  20. While reading this, it touches my heart. Indeed, life has many lessons to learn. Moreover, everything will just pass away. Thus, live life to the fullest.

  21. I was fresh off the treadmill when I read this. I read the words to the pulse of my blood like a great clock ticking off the seconds. An excellent read. Thank you.

  22. Loved it…’continuity of the discontinuous life’…awesome! Loved the message being put across so creatively! 🙂

  23. Reblogged this on alyshagauthierblog and commented:
    Reflections of passing time.

  24. My sincere thanks to all who read my poem and blog, liked, reblogged and commented generously. Overwhelmed and Elated. Thank you.

  25. Gorgeous words on the eve of Spring cometh….

  26. Reblogged this on the odd, the unusual and the unexpected. and commented:
    Simple yet haunting… A powerful piece.

  27. Thank you for sharing your poetry. I am actually working on a piece of writing about age and perception. Your poem has inspired me in many ways and helped to focus on the idea that physicality effects mentality.

  28. Great retirement poem For someone that loved the hustle and bustle, but know its time to move on.

  29. How true about ageing, such a beautiful poetry. Made me nostalgic about my own poetry writing days….its been years since i lifted a pen to write my thoughts. Once again, hats off for such beautiful verses.

  30. Reblogged with speed. I wish everyone could pay attention to the details of our life moments like this. Nice post!

  31. Reblogged this on Serious-Minded But Social and commented:
    I wish everyone could pay attention to the details of their life moments like this .

  32. Love this! Feel free to check out some of my work!

  33. As I prepare to begin my sixtieth decade, I find this poem especially meaningful. Great piece and a well deserved FP.

  34. Thanks once again for reading and commenting. It made my day!

  35. Wonderful – Thanks for sharing! Cheers J

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  37. a clever play with binaries! loved the theme and the careful choice of words. kudos

  38. Really like the pacing of this. Keep up the great writing!

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  40. Chaitanya

    Touching lines… Awesome..

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